Salling Clicker


Control your PC from your cellphone with WiFi or Bluetooth


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Handling the computer from a portable device like a smartphone or a PDA no longer is science fiction. Salling Clicker allows you to perform this action and access different PC applications from one of those devices.

The two technologies that Salling Clicker uses to connect the computer to the device are WiFi and Bluetooth. The number of supported models exceeds a hundred. Click here to see the list of compatibility.

But, what utility has using the mobile to handle the computer? There are a lot, you cannot even imagine. In the first place, you can use Salling Clicker to control Windows Media Player or iTunes and change the song that's being played without getting up from the sofa.

On the other hand, Salling Clicker is a fundamental safety tool because it can automatically block the computer when the Bluetooth device that’s in control is away from the equipment.

Trial version is limited to 30 clicks you can do from the cellphone.

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